Rio Grande Southern RR - Route Summary

Below, in tabular form, is a summary of the route of the Rio Grande Southern, which ran from Ridgway to Durango in Colorado. Each milepost is listed, along with elevation, towns, bridges, sidings, spurs, branches, and anything else that seems interesting. Special thanks to W. George Cook for the many sawmill references in this list, and to some of those who helped him compile them - Mallory Ferrell, Gordon Chappell, and Bob Richardson.

Like the rest of this website, this summary is a work-in-progress. Suggestions welcome. Patience recommended. So sit back, cozy up to the window, and don't lean too far out when we round the curves.

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Notes on the spurs:  If I can find the information, I've listed details on each spur, including the length (in car-lengths) and whether the switch was located at the north or south end of the spur. For example, "Spur (s), 12-car" means a spur with the switch at the south end (thus most easily switched by south-bound freights), that has a capacity of 12 cars.

Notes on the links:   Where possible, I've included additional links - including maps from the RGS Interactive Map site, detail links from the Narrow Gauge Circle, bridge & water tank links from the RGS Tech page, photo links from the Denver Library (which has many more photos than I've linked here), additional detail, map and photo links from GhostDepot, and others as well. Ft. Lewis College in Durango also has many photos available online. So many folks have helped provide information for this site - I'm sure I'll miss thanking someone. In addition to the websites above, David Dye has posted a number of interactive maps w/photos from his hikes in the northern areas.

Have more links? Email me at

Additional Info:  There is some additional information on RGS facilities, by milepost, on the website of BHI/Rail Systems.

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  Photos: p1   p1  
0.00 7003' Ridgway

NGC pg
GhostDepot pg

(interactive map)

(topo map)
Aerial Map
X0 Town Overview (1920's)   (photos:   pic   Ft. Lewis pic)

Nearby photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   nearby farm   near-S-1   near-S-2   S-July 1952   just outside   outside2   near

Depot (shared w/ D&RG)   (photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   pic-1950   platform?-1950   pic-1952 )
        Depot outhouse / coal shed:   siding, doors   distant   Rway museum photos

Roundhouse, brick, 5-stall (later 7) (built after 3-1906)   (photos: p1   p2   p3   p3-back   p4-1950-doors   p5-1952 )

Looking east 1953(?):   p1   p2  

Looking south toward depot grounds, in Jul 1960:   p1  

South of depot, looking north toward roundhouse & depot:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10?  

Otto Mear's house in Ridgway, in 2009:   pics  

          Ted Wiese 1952 photos:   455's tender   crane   back-wall   back-wall2   west-wall  
Boiler house, frame, 14'x29'
50' turntable   (pic from RH roof-1952)
Coaling bins, timber, 10'x23' and 10'x46'

Blacksmith shop, frame, 16'x36'
Paint shop frame, 18'x30'   (side view)
Sandhouse, frame, 14'x24'
Ice house, frame, 12'x24'
Ice house, frame, 34'x70'

Section house - foreman, brick, 24'x42'
Car Repairer's house, frame, 12'x16'
Tool house, frame, 10'x12'
Coach body (section house - laborer)
Boxcar body (section house - laborer)
Boxcar body (tool house) (pic?)
Boxcar bodies (oil house)
Office/storage building, brick, 29'x36', 26'x32' (p1-1952   p2-1952   p3?   p4   p5   June-1953 )
Misc storage sheds / carbodies / goosebodies

Track scale, 32', 40 ton
4 storage tracks, 108-car total (serv area pic   from TT-1952   p3-1952   from RH roof-1952   p5   p6   p7 )
      (incl 8-car stockyard spur, and 8-car wagon/LCL spur)
1 coal-loading track
Water tank (city fed)   (Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5-1950 )   (info)
(roofless from a fire sometime after 1941)
Wye, stem on D&RGW Ouray branch   (Photo:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   )
Rgs v1, p72
Sun v2, p67
0.10 Sawmill - S.J. Couchman - c1902 W. George Cook
0.2? Original 5-stall roundhouse (burned 2-12-1906)
50' turntable
Storage track, 743'
Coach track, 350' (approx)
Storage track, 1081'
Ice house
Water tank
Coaling bin
Blacksmith shop
Rgs v1, p56
1.? Bridge 2-A, 32' long, 6' high Rgs v1, p161
2.97 7192' Jays X3 Spur (n), 10-car (sawmill, later hay & grain) Rgs v1, p162
Sun v2, p73
3.0 Sawmill spur 3-car - S.P. Gutshall - c1896 to 10-6-1898 (destroyed by fire) W. George Cook
3.? Bridge 4-A, 111' long, 11' high (Dallas Creek) Rgs v1, p163
5.21 7408' Hagen X5 Siding, 31-car (hay & grain)

Photos:   near1   near2  
Rgs v1, p166
Sun v2, p73
Sawmill - C.A. Dollarhide - c1901 to 1903 W. George Cook
Sawmill - S.P. Gutshall - c1903
Sawmill - Bruce & Dolphin - c1903
6.? Bridge 7-A, 156' long, 38' high (filled in 4-15-1909) Rgs v1, p163
6.? Bridge 7-B, 111' long, 19' high Rgs v1, p163
7.30 7849' Deti X7 Spur, 16-car Rgs v1, p166
Sun v2, p73
7.? Bridge 8-A, 125' long, 36' high Rgs v1, p166
7.? Bridge 8-B, 140' long, 36' high Rgs v1, p166
8.0 Spur(n), 7-car (Hillside spur, ties and lumber) W. George Cook
8.60 Pleasant Valley X9 Section house, frame, 25'x35' Rgs v1, p166
8.? Watchmen's bunkhouse, frame, 16'x16'

Bridge 9-A (org), 837' long, 140' high (incl 202' Howe truss)   (pic)
Fill w/4 sq ft culvert (build 1903, destroyed by flood 8-2-1908)   (pic)

Bridge 9-A (second), 182' long, 72' high (Pleasant Valley Creek)
Rgs v1, p166
8.? Bridge 9-A (??? need to correct this), 48' long, 8' high Rgs v1, p176
9.60 8276' Valley View X10 Section house - foreman, frame, 24'x32'
Section house - laborer, frame, 16'x24'
Tool house, frame, 12'x16'

Nearby photos:   p1

Photo of temporary track (to recover 455), approx MP 11.2:   p1

Siding, looking up the 4% grade to Dallas Divide:   p2

Water tank   (gravity fed) Photos: 1950
Rgs v1, p171
Sun v2, p73
12.3 8989' Dallas Divide
NGC pg

(Ghostdepot map)
X13 (also Peak)
Depot, frame, 12'x16' (as of 1893 - later removed?)
Section house - foreman, frame, irregular shape
Section house - laborer, frame, 18'x28'
Tool house, frame, 10'x27'
Section-car shed
Repair shop

Stockpens, 1 pen     (photos: p1)

      (Possible photos: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7)  
          (Similar photos from Cimarron CO: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p14   p15   p16   p17 )

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p14   p15  
              p16   p17   p18   p19   p20   p21   p22   p23   p24   p25   p26   p27   p28  
              p29   p30   p31   p32   p33   p34   p35   p36   p37   p38  
              1951   south1   south2   south3   buildings   near1   n2   n3   n4   n5   n6   n7   near road x-ing?   just north?  

Site of 455's runaway wreck in Nov 1943, between Valley View and the top of Dallas Divide (about MP 10.3, or maybe 11.2), where temporary track was built down to the site, to aid in removing the damaged equipment: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6  
I think this was at, or very close, to the wreck site: p7  

Steve Eriksen's color photo of plow flanger #2, derailed on Dallas Divide in 1951: p1  

Goose 6 meeting 464 on 9-13-46: p1  

Henry (Oct 1990)-p1 (stock pens)   p2 (section hse to left)   p3. Henry says they hauled water from a spring behind this house, which was about 1/4 mile from the section house.

Scrapping (Nov 1952):   p1  

2 sidings, 52-cars total
Wye, stem 120'     (photos: p1   p2 )
Rgs v1, p200
Sun v2, p73
Sawmill - Barnes & Co - c1902 W. George Cook
14.6 Noel X15 Boxcar body (freight house)
Spur, 4-car (hay)     (Typical hay field, nearby?: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9 )
Rgs v1, p216
Sun v2, p73
14.? Bridge 15-A, 32' long, 8' high (Leopard Creek) Rgs v1, p219
15.? Bridge 16-A, --' long, -' high ?
15.? Bridge 16-B, 32' long, 9' high (Leopard Creek) Rgs v1, p221
16.12 8610' Leopard Creek X16

Siding, 10-car (hay & grain)
Rgs v1, p218
Sun v2, p73
17.16 8482' Sams X17 Spur (s), 7-car (or 10-car)

Photos:   near n2 n3 n4 n4

Sawmill - Barnes & Co - c1902 to c1903
W. George Cook
17.2 Spur, 12-car (logs) Rgs v1, p223
Sun v2, p73
17.? Bridge 18-A, --' long, -' high

Photos?   p1
17.? Bridge 18-B, --' long, -' high ?
17.? Bridge 18-C, 173' long, 16' high (Leopard Creek)

Here's a photo from 1946 of a bridge between Brown and Dallas Divide - it might be 18-C but I'm not sure: p1
And one from 1949; pretty sure these are all 18-C: p2
And here's another from 9-21-51; seems to be the same bridge: p3
Rgs v1, p221
17.? Bridge 18-D, 94' long, 18' high (Leopard Creek)

This bridge existed until fairly recently, but collapsed around 1998; nothing is left today. But, Jerry Halbert was there in 1986 and took this photo.
Rgs v1, p223
18.? Bridge 19-A, 286' long, 45' high (Dead Horse Gulch)

Photos: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8  
Rgs v1, p224
18.86 Wade X19 Photos:   near1   north   near3  

Spur, 3-car (lumber) - 8/10/1915
Rgs v1, p223
Sun v2, p73
W. George Cook
21.? Bridge 22-A (org), 264' long, 54' high (Haskell's)
Rebuilt 1914: 368' long, 58' high

This trestle was located alongside the Green Mountain Ranch, and many of the photos of it were taken looking up at the trestle from the ranch's grounds. The concrete footings of the trestle are still there, as are a small ranch and several other buildings.
Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p14   p15   p16  

My photos of 22-A's remains and nearby ROW (Jun '07): pics  
Rgs v1, p232
21.48 7834' Leonard X21 (Haskell's spur)
Spur(n), 10-car (logs, sportsmen camp area)

Photos:   near1   n2   n3   n4   n5   n6?   n7?   n8   n9?   below
Rgs v1, p230
W. George Cook
Sawmill - S.P. Gutshall - 1892 to 1902 W. George Cook
Sawmill - Bruce & Dolphin - c1892
Sawmill - L.C. Barth Lumber Co - 1898 to 1903
22.22 7751' Brown X22 Section house - foreman, frame, 24'x34'
Section house - laborer, frame, 16'x24'
Tool house, frame, 10'x12'
Ice house
Section-car shed

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p14  
              near1   n2   n3   n4   n5   south1   s2   s3   north1  

Siding, 24-car   (photos: pic)

Water tank   (gravity fed)     (photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13 )
Rgs v1, p243
Sun v2, p77
Sawmill - Burt Dansford - late 1890s W. George Cook
Sawmill - S.P. Gutshall - c1898 to c1902
24 Tate Spur, 5-car W. George Cook
Hoosier Placer Spur, 9-car Sun v2, p77
Wells & Egan Placer Spur(s?), 61-car Sun v2, p77
25.27 Omega X25 Tram house (loading chutes facing away from tracks)

Photo nearby?   p1  

Spur (s), 9-car, 1919 (carnotite ore)
Rgs v1, p257
Sun v2, p77
26.0 Bridge 27-A, 47' long, 6' high (Leopard Creek)

Rgs v1, p260
26.? 7321' Placerville

NGC pg
(interactive map)

(Ghostdepot map)

Aerial Map
X27 Spur, 30-car (stockpens, 4 pens, Texaco & Conoco oil distributors)
Spurs (2) off the main spur (sawmills)
Rgs v1, p263
Sun v2, p77
26.62 Depot, frame   (photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   distant )
    Depot photos from the Ridgway Museum
    (remains photo: NGc pic   John H pic   )

Freight house (John H photos: p1   p2 )

Flour/feed warehouse

Ore storage (photos: p1   p2   p3   nearby   near2   )

RR Photos: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12  
                p13   p14   p15   p16   p17   p18   p19   siding switch  

                near1   n2   n3   n4   n5   n5   n6   n7   above  

Above town: p1   p2   p3   p4  

Waiting for helper: p1   p2  
Working the siding: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5  

Town photos: p1   p2   Geyser park   footbridge   stage   hotel   2000  

If an operator or engineer needed to contact the dispatcher and wasn't near a depot, he'd often connect directly to the telegraph / telephone lines. Here's a couple photos of this being done near Placerville:   p1   p2  

Somewhere south of Placerville: p1   p2   p3  

Remaining ROW photo: NG Circle pic

Spur (stockyards)
        Photos:   p1 (main to right)
                      p2 (looking down the siding from the switch, bridge 27-AS visible; see RGS Story v1, pg 262)

Spur (near depot)
    (total siding & spurs, 45-cars)
Wye, stem 85'   (photos: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5)
28.0 Sawmill - D.C. Revis - 1898 to 1899 W. George Cook
29.13 7486' Fall Creek X29 Orginally Seymore, then Silver Pick, then Fall Creek
Section house, log, 20'x30', 1.5-story
Boxcar bodies (4) (section house - laborers)
Tool house, frame, 10'x22'

Photos: pic   near1   near2   near3   near4   near5   near6   above

Siding, 28-car (later 7-car) (carnotite & silver ores)   (pic1?   p2? )
Rgs v1, p301
Sun v2, p77
29.70 Primos X29.5 Tramway - Primos Chemical Co. (built Dec 1916) (photos from 2007: pics)

Shelter (built July 1917)

Spur, 13-car (Tramway terminal, from Fall Creek Mine)
Rgs v1, p302
Sun v2, p77
Ft. Lewis archives
30.31 7535' Sawpit X30 Photos:   p1   below1   near  

Spur, 7-car (ore-processing mill)
Rgs v1, p305
Sun v2, p77
Sawmill - Wrench Lumber Co - c1898 to c1900 W. George Cook
Sawmill - Frank Hight - c1898 to c1900
Sawmill - L.C. Barth - c1898 to c1900
Sawmill - A. Hiett, Anderson Co - c1903 to 1907
32.56 7723' Wilson X32 Siding, 22-car  

Photos:   near1   near2  
Rgs v1, p302
Sun v2, p77
33.00 7700' Vanadium X33 Originally Newmire
Passenger shelter, frame, 15'x30'
Vanadium Corp. mill (extracted the mineral vanadium from Roscoelite ore) (p1   p2   inside)
The mill operated between 1905 and 1921, and was dismantled sometime before 1904.
For an extensive history, see Vandium history & info (you'll need RGS membership)

Spur, 19-car (laid around 1909). Note that the mainline was along the river, and this spur was much higher, perhaps approximately where the main US 145 runs today?
Photos:   pic1   1950   near1   near2  

Mill / Town Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p5  

School Photo:  p4  

    Remains today: (Don P pic)
        (mine: pictures
Rgs v1, p309
Sun v2, p77
33.? Bridge 34-A, --' long, -' high
33.? Bridge 34-B, --' long, -' high
33.? Bridge 34-C, 32' long, 8' high Rgs v1, p314
34.? Bridge 35-A, 32' long, 7' high Rgs v1, p314
35.00 7723' Deep Creek (or Tank Creek, originally Koen)
Photos:   maybe nearby?  

Spur (s), 3-car

Water tank   (gravity fed)
Rgs v1, p317
Sun v2, p77
35.35 Lime X35 Spur, 4-car (lime, mine timbers) Ssj
Rgs v1, p317
Sun v2, p77
36.36 8023' Bilk X36 (South Fork before 1902)
Stockpens, 3 pens

Photos:     p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   near1   near2   near3   near4   near5   derailed

Spur (s), 35-car (3-car by 1902, 9-car later) (lumber)
Rgs v1, p323
Sun v2, p77
W. George Cook
36.? Bridge 37-A, --' long, -' high
36.? Bilk Trestle
Bridge 37-B:
      (orginal), 86' long, 27' high (Howe truss)
      (rebuild 1911): 144' long, 31' high (p1   p2   p3)
Rgs v1, p332
37.80 8116' Vance Jct

NGC pg
GhostDepot pg

(interactive map)

(topo map -1953)
(topo map -1945)
X38 Beginning of 4% 7.3 mi Telluride branch
Depot (body of coach 254, wrecked in 1895)   pic_1948
Accessory building (body of RPO/baggage car 150)
Roadmaster building (body of D&RG sg boxcar 13680)

Section house, frame, 26'x32', 2-story       (photos:   p1   p2 )
Section-car shed
Bunk house, frame, 18'x27'

Coaling station, 8-pocket
    Photos in use:   p1  
    Photo of remains, Mario Rapinett 2004:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6  
    This coaling station is being restored, at least enough to stablize and preserve it.
    For a restoration update and more photos, see my Remains page.

Photos:     p1   p2   yard trks   S of Vance, scrapping   scrap2   scrap3   scrap4   scrap5

Somewhere south of Vance:     p1

Somewhere north of Vance:     p1   p2   p3   spur N of Vance?

Nearby:     p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6

Ted Klavern took a number of photos in 1973, of various remains:
    Coach / depot remains:   p1   p2  
    Coaling station:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6  
    Various boxcar-sheds:   p1   p2   p3   p4  

Photos of area remains:
    Mario Rapinett 2004:   p1   p2   p3  
    NG Circle:   pix
    Ted Wiese:   p1   p2   p3
    Henry Valdez: (Oct 1990):     p1   p2   p3   p4

Sidings (2), 78-car total (40-car by 1933)
Spur (coaling chutes & trestle)
Rgs v1, p336
Rgs v3, p13
Sun v2, p77
Sawmill - Barnes & Co - c1902 to c1904 W. George Cook
Tel br
8140' Illium AQ38 Section house
Bunk house
Spur, 8-car (Western Colorado Power Co hydroelectric plant)

Photos:   above Illium, just below Vance  
            p1   p2   p3   Keystone hill   hill2   hill3   hill4  

Wye, stem 120'  
Rgs v1, p365
Sun v2, p81
Tel br
8140' Anderson AQ39 Siding, 22-car (later 25-car) Rgs v1, p368
Sun v2, p81
Tel br
Bridge 39-A, 203' long, 14' high Rgs v1, p379
Tel br
Bridge 42-A, 109' long, 28' high   (photos:   p1   p2?   p3   p4   p5? ) Rgs v1, p396
Tel br
8658' Keystone AQ42 Spur, 10-car (later 19-car) (gravel & locomotive sand)

The remains of the tender from RGS #19 still exist here:
    Photos from 1965:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7  
    Photos from 1975 (Jerry Halbert): p1   p2   p3  
    Photos from 1984: p1  
Rgs v1, p394
Sun v2, p81
Tel br
Bridge 42-B, 576' long, 10' high
Keystone trestle (over old placer-mining reservoir)
Rgs v1, p404
Tel br
Bridge 42-C, 141' long, 17' high (San Miguel river)   pic? Rgs v1, p412
Tel br
Bridge 44-A, 32' long, 11' high Rgs v1, p412
Tel br
Bridge 44-B, 32' long, 6' high Rgs v1, p413
Tel br
8720' San Miguel AQ44 Siding, 22-car

Photos:   below
Rgs v1, p404
Sun v2, p81
Sawmill (water operated) - P.D. Rice - 1902 to c1904 W. George Cook
Tel br
Bridge 45-A, 78' long, 7' high (San Miguel river) Rgs v1, p413
Tel br
Bridge 45-B, 78' long, 7' high (San Miguel river) Rgs v1, p413
Tel br
8756' Telluride

NGC pg
GhostDepot pg

(interactive map)

(topo map-1955)
Aerial Map
AQ45 Depot, frame, 1-story, 24'x116' (still exists!)   (p1   p2   p3   p4   p5-1940   p6-1949   p7-1949   p8-1974   p9-c2001
      Mario 2004:     p1   p2   p3 )
Section house - foreman, frame, irregular
Section house - laborer, frame, 18'x28'
Boxcar bodies (2) (section houses - laborers)
Tool house, frame, 10'x12'

Coal shed & wharf, wooden, 16'x54' (photo: p1-c1949 )
Wye, stem 259'

Water tank (city fed, later replaced w/standpipe, E end of siding)     (photos: p1-c1949   p2   p3   p4   p5 )
Water standpipe (nearer the depot, used instead of tank)     (photos: p1-c1949   p2 )

Siding (track #15), 1504' (Conoco bulk oil, private coal sheds)
Siding (track #14), 520' (Track scale, 32', 40 ton)
Siding (track #13), 1637' (102-cars total)

Abandonment photos:   p1   p2   tank  
RR photos:   facing E   p1   p2   p3   just W of town?  
Town photos:   p1-2000   p2-2000   color-1900   bw-1900  
      overview1   ov2   ov3 ov4   ov5   ov6   ov7  
      panorama   far   far2   far3   nearby road?  
Town buildings photos, c1940s:   Hotel   Shore   Sprinkler wagon   House   Yards   Bank   b2   b3  
      house   h2   h3   h4   h5   h6   School   Light fixture   L2   Boarding hse   City hall   D&RGW 453  

Mario 2004, canyon photos:     p1   p2

Enginehouse spur (w) (track #12), 379'
Enginehouse (w) (track #10), 491', frame, 18'x120'
Enginehouse spur (w) (track #11), 197', w/2 spurs)

Spur (e) (track #16), 408' (private coal shed, Tomboy Gold Mine shipping station)   p1   p2
        (in later years, the Tomboy facility became a Goose barn)

Spur (e) (track #17), 680' (elec supply & merch warehouses, Nukckolls Packing Co, hay shed)
Spur (e) (track #18), ---' (paint/roof & meat warehouses, McMahon Lumber Co)
Spur (w) (track #19), 305' (wood storage, coal shed, paint & carpenter shops)
Spur (w), ---' (North Alder street)
Rgs v2, p67
Sun v2, p81
Tel br
Spur (w) (Liberty Bell mill)   pic Rgs v2, p245
Tel br
Siding (Mayflower mill) Rgs v2, p245
Tel br
9007' Pandora

Aerial Map
AQ48 Black Bear mine switchback: pic

Photos:   near1   near2   near3   leaving   p1   p2   basin1   basin2   basin3   basin4   wye, end of track  

Mill / Mine photos:   misc   Bear Creek Falls   Mt. Sneffels   Wilson Peak  
      John's photos (RGS group):   p1  
      Ball Mill (RGS group):   p1  
      Smuggler:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p4   p5   p6   road   r2  
      Tomboy:   road   terminal   lower terminal  
      (unknown gold mill, abandoned, from Sep 1940):   remains1   p2   p3   p4   p5   tailings1   tailings2   screen   another mill  

Siding, 112-car (coal), in 1896
Rgs v2, p65
Sun v2, p81
Tel br
Spur (w), 3-tracks at w end Rgs v2, p245
Tel br
Bridge 48-A, ---' long, --' high Rgs v2, p245
Tel br
Sidings (2) (Sheridan Incline ore house, late 1890s) (pic)   Incline pic Rgs v2, p327
Tel br
Spur (w) (Bullion Tunnel aerial tram ore bins) (early 1900s?)   ( p1   p2 )
Various sidings & spurs (Smuggler-Union mills) (later years)
        (p1   p2   p3   p4   )
Rgs v2, p245
Tel br
(end of track) Photos:   pic  

Wye, stem 85'
Rgs v2, p65
40.? Bridge 41-A, 16' long, 5' high Rgs v3, p76
40.? Bridge 41-B, 15' long, 5' high Rgs v3, p76
41.? Bridge 42-A, 47' long, 12' high Rgs v3, p76
41.31 8690' Ames

Map/Photos: Ames to Ophir

Ophir area map
Dave's 2nd map
X41 In April 1929, a huge slide occurred near Ames, severing the RGS in two and nearly ending the RGS. Receiver Victor Miller's first task, when he took over, involved finding a creative solution to clearing this slide - by removing the bottom of it and letting it all slide further down! The center of this photo shows the location of the slide. Ames trestle (43-A) and tank, and then Vance Jct, are just to the right of the photo, while Windy Pt is just beyond the left edge.

Photos:   side   above   near   near2
Photos from 7-27-1950, of the slide remanents:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8

Spur (n), 12-car (14-car later)
Rgs v3, p64
Sun v2, p81
W. George Cook
41.3 Bridge 42-B, 13' long, 5' high (frame)
(main track only)
Rgs v3, p76
Bridge 42-BS, 16' long, 5' high (pile)
(spur track only)
41.45 Bridge 42-C, 30' long, 8' high Rgs v3, p76
41.5 Water tank   (gravity fed) Rgs v3, p64
42.1 Bridge 43-A, 254' long, 80' high
Ames Gulch trestle   (photo)   (Photos from 1977, by Scott Turner:   p1   p2 )
Rgs v3, p76
43.5 Windy Pt, a sharp and rather windy turn just before Butterfly trestle.

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11-distant   p12-distant  
              pic?   near?   near2?   rotary nearby?   #74 nearby 5-29-49?  

Photos of remains:   Facing Ophir 2
      Ted Wiese 1968:   pic1   pic2   pic3   stringers   stringer2   bent   channel
      Russ Sperry Sep 1 or 2, 1968:   color
Rgs v3, p84
43.91 9096' Butterfly X44 Mill - Butterfly-Terrible Gold Mining Co

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   near

Spur (s), 15-car (1-car in 1919) (mill)
Sun v2, p81
W. George Cook
43.9? Bridge 44-A, 338' long, 60' high (Lake Fork)
Butterfly trestle
(abandoned until about 1971, then deemed a hazard and dismantled)
(was length actually 368' - panels were 16', and 44-A had 23 panels... a typo?)

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7?   p8?  
Ted Wiese pix of remains (1968):   photo1   photo2   Yahoo photos  
Jerry Halbert pix (1975-76):   pic1   pic2
Ophir lowline (above 44-A, below 45-A):   p1   p2  
Rgs v3, p117
44.85 9236' Ophir

NGC pg
GhostDepot pg

(interactive map)

(topo map '45)
(topo map '55)
Aerial Map
X45 Photos:   below1   below2   below3   below4   road   loop1   loop2   loop3
                above1   above2 -landforms   above3   across1   across2   across3   across4   across5   across6   across7  
                from below  

Remains (panorama):   pic-2000

Mario Rapinett 2004:   p1   p2   p3  

Lower line (from above):   p1   p2  

Upper line (from where? which bridge?):   p1  

Town photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5-distant   p6-road thru town   p7-nearby?   p8-mill?   p9   p10   p11   1950   2001  

Town buildings:   Ophir General Merchandise   Mrs. Skillens Store   Hotel?   Gilton club 2002  

Other photos:   color overview   overview   mtn-2000   fall-2001  
                      view up valley   valley2   near  

Jerry Halbert (1975):   Gilton club

Bridge 45-A, 476' long, 96' high (Howard Fork)
Ophir Loop trestle
    Photos of 45-A:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p14   p15  
                  p16   p17   p18   p19   p20   p21   p22   p23   p24  
                  deck   deck2   deck3   deck4   deck5   deck6   south1   south2   south3   north   above2  
    Some drawings of the bridge: Yahoo files

    Rocky Mtn RR Club on 5-30-47: photo

    Photos of dismantled 45-A remains:  
                  Ted Wiese pix (1971):   photo
                  Steven Haworth pix (2007):   photos
                  Jerry Halbert pix (1975):   photo
Sun v2, p81
Rgs v3, p217
Depot, frame, irregular   (p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   c1940   c1948   1951  
Depot photos from the Ridgway Museum )
Hoist house:   (pic)
Silver Bell Mine (nearby):   (pic)
Spur, 6-car
Sun v2, p81
Bridge 45-B, 108' long, 24' high (Howard Fork)

Photos:   p1
Site of original Ophir depot (destroyed by a slide)
Siding, 21-car
45.? Bridge 46-A, 62' long, 30' high

Photo:   p1   p2
Ghost Depot remains photos:   p1-2000   p2-2000  
Rgs v4, p58
45.? Bridge 46-B, 102' long, 35' high Rgs v4, p67
45.? Bridge 46-C, 151' long, 42' high Rgs v4, p68
45.? Bridge 46-D, 354' long, 76' high

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   1951   postcard
Rgs v4, p78
45.? Bridge 46-E, 216' long, 26' high  

Photos:   p1?   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   deck-winter
    Rocky Mtn RR Club on 5-30-47: photo
    Rocky Mtn RR Club on 5-29-49: photo
    Goose 4 trip in 1951: photos from the Ridgway Museum
Rgs v4, p114
45.? Bridge 46-F, 172' long, 21' high

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4 (w/some of 44-A?)   p5   p6   near  
    I think this is another view:   p6   p7
    Rocky Mtn RR Club on 5-29-49:   photo
Rgs v4, p124
46.? Bridge 47-A, 187' long, 51' high Rgs v4, p138
46.71 9477' Matterhorn X47 (Orginally San Bernardo)
Section house - foreman, frame, 25'x35' (photo: pic)
Section house - laborer, frame, 16'x24'
Tool house, frame, 12'x16'

Town photo:   pic
RR photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   above1   near1   near2  

Spur, 15-car (Montezuma Lumber)
Spur, ~8-car (Bernardo Mill) (current photos: Ted's   mine   list-1   list-2 )
Sun v2, p81
Rgs v4, p139
47.? Otto's Puzzle
(so named when Otto Mears was hired to re-build this section after it was destroyed by the floods of 1909. Otto worked without professional surveyors, and had to work around the flood's destruction, resulting in a very curvy section of railroad)

Photo just south: pic  
Photo nearby (just below Trout Lake dam): pic  
Rgs v4, p161
48.8 Foot Log W. George Cook
49.03 9802' Trout Lake

NGC pg
GhostDepot pg

(interactive map)

(topo map -1945)
(topo map -1953)

Map/Photos: Trout Lake to Lizard Hd
X49 Siding, 25-car
Water tank   (gravity fed)   Photos: p1   p2   p3   p4   perhaps at N end of lake?   nearby  

Photos:   outhouses   lake1   lake2   lake3-c1900   lake4   dam area   dam2  
              siding1   side2   side3   side4   near1   near2   winter   winter2  
              distant   d2   d3   d4   d5   d6  

Goose 4 trip in 1951: photos from the Ridgway Museum

Current photos:
  Henry-1990   lake-2000   Mario-2004  

Tank remains:
    NG Circle pg:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6  
    David Dye:   pics
    Mario (2004): p1   p2   p3  
    GhostDepot:   p1   p2   p3   frame   center   joist   footing   spout

Dave Grandt writes (11/08) that the concrete footings under the Trout Lake Tank were a post-abandonment change. The original footings were Stone.
Sun v2, p85
49.? Bridge 50-A, 220' long, 20' high

Possible photos:   p1   p2   p3  
Rgs v4, p209
50.1 Heibler Spur W. George Cook
50.4 Spur (n), 4-car (c1893) W. George Cook
50.? Bridge 51-A, 109' long, 35' high

Photos: pic?  

Photos of remains:
    NG Circle:   TL pg   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6
    Mario Rapinett:   p1   p2

This bridge is being restored, at least enough to stablize and preserve it; it is one of the very few RGS trestles still standing. For a restoration update and more photos of this bridge, see my Remains page.

Rgs v4, p217
51.? Bridge 52-A, 32' long, 5' high

Here's an undated picture of what I think are the remains of this bridge: pic
It's been replaced by a road bridge today, on the dirt road between Trout Lake and Lizard Hd.
Rgs v4, p229
52.61 10250' Lizard Head

NGC pg
GhostDepot pg

(interactive map)

(topo map -1945)
(topo map -1953)
X53 Section house, frame, 23'x31'
  Photos:   p1   p2   p3

Section house - laborer, frame, 8'x10'
  Photos:   p1   p2

Stockpens, 2 pens (on stem of wye)
  Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4

Photos:   c1890   2001   above   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p14   p15  
                p16   p17   p18   p19   p20   p21   n-end of shed   distant   near1   s of pass  
                near2   1947 Special   Spec2   before shed   southl   s2   s3   s4   s5   s6   s7   s8   s8  
                overall   over-2   over-3   over-4   over-5   over-6   row-south   row-2   row-3   Goose-a   Goose-b  

Looking north:   p1   p2   p3   p4  

Distant:   p1   p2   p3  

Snow shed:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   distant   inside shed   inside2   inside3   inside4   inside5  

Nearby, approaching:   p1   from N?   Rocky Mtn special May 1949  

Curent pix from Mario:   p1  

Siding, 22-car (org 28-car completely under shed, by 1941 22-car partially under shed)
  Photos:   p1   p2   p3   looking s

Wye, stem 319' (all but stem under snow shed)
  Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4

Last ore train, Nov 17, 1951:
  Photos:   p1   p2

Steve Erickson, June 7, 1947:
  Photos:   p1

Steve Erickson, May 31(?), 1949:
  Photos:   p1

Steve Erickson, 1950:
  Photos:   p1   p2

Scrapping, Oct 1952:
  Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p14   p15
                  p16   p17
Rgs v4, p262
Sun v2, p85
Sawmill - Levy & Moore - c1891 to c1892 W. George Cook
Sawmill - Rice & Reeseman - c1891 to c1892
Sawmill - Peter A. Rice - c1895 to c1904
53.8 Rice Spur (n), 4-car (sawmill)
Sawmill - Peter A. Rice - c1895 to c1903
W. George Cook
Sawmill - Barnes & Co - c1901 to c1901
54.? Bridge 55-A, 187' long, 14' high (Meadow Creek)

Photos:   p1?   p2?   p3?   p4?   nearby?   near2?
Rgs v4, p328
54.48 10092' Snow X54 Spur (n), 4-car (disconnected 1911) Sun v2, p85
Sawmill - McKeeber & Cooper - 1897 to 11/6/1916 W. George Cook
55.72 9880' Gallagher

Map/Photos: Gallagher trestles
X56 Photos:   p1   p2   near1   S of Gallagher   S of Liz Hd  

Spur (n), 12-car (8-car by 1940s)
Sun v2, p85
Rgs v4, p350
W. George Cook
Sawmill - Gallagher Lumber Co - 1890s W. George Cook
56.3 Bridge 57-A, 266' long, 46' high (Dolores River)
Upper Gallagher trestle (or Murphy's Spur bridges)

Photos:   p1   p2  

Conductor A.K. Brown was killed when this bridge collasped on 8-25-1906, and his caboose was yanked down the hill by the falling train. A bridge gang had gone to supper leaving part of it on jacks, which turned out to be unsuitable for Brown's train.
Rgs v4, p353
56.48 Murphy X57 Spur (n), 6-car (disconnected 1911, in service 1919) Sun v2, p85
Sawmill - Murphy & Blackman Lumber Co - 6/1902 to c1907 W. George Cook
Sawmill - Murphy & Warren - late 1909 to c1919
56.5 Bridge 57-B, 295' long, 49' high (Dolores River)
Lower Gallagher trestle (or Murphy's Spur bridges)
(partially filled-in later, became 254' long)

Photos:   pic?
Rgs v4, p353
57.? Bridge 58-A, 218' long, 51' high (Meadow Creek)
(later 224' long, 50' high)

Photos:   Hwy 45   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8   p9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p14   p15   p16
Rgs v4, p405
57.? Bridge 58-B, 79' long, 17' high (? Creek) Rgs v4, p428
59.? Bridge 60-A, 32' long, 4' high (? Creek) Rgs v4, p433
59.40 9287' Timber X59 Spur -
  (org 5-car, until discontinued in 1904)
  (sometime later s 25-car)
Sun v2, p85
Rgs v4, p433
Sawmill - George Ditchfield / Wilson Lumber Co - 1/4/1915 to c1916
Spur, n 6-car (9-car by 1919)
W. George Cook
60.00 Timber Spur
(Timber by c1940)
Sawmill - Colorado Spruce Lumber Co - c1928 to c1943
(actually owned by McPhee and McGinnity, and shipping large logs to McPhee)
Spur, 125-car

Flume (rebuilt) - Montezuma Lumber Co - c1940
Spur, s 15-car
W. George Cook
Rgs v7, p368
60.49 9209' Coke Ovens X60 Freight house, frame, 10'x16'
Section house - foreman, frame, 25'x31'
Section house - laborer, frame, 19'x21'
Tool house, frame, 10'x16'

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   near   near2   N of Coke Ovens   north2   S of Coke Ovens   south2   south3   scrap1

Last ore train, Nov 17, 1951:
  Photos: p1   N of Coke Ovens  

Siding, 24-car
  Photos: p1  

Water tank   (gravity fed)
Sun v2, p85
Rgs v4, p437
60.? Bridge 61-A, 48' long, 6' high (Coke Oven Creek) Rgs v4, p436
61.? Bridge 62-A, --' long, -- high
60.? Bridge 61-B, 128' long, 7' high (Dolores River) Rgs v4, p455
61.? Bridge 62-A, 94' long, 8' high (Dolores River)   (pic?) Rgs v4, p455
63.61 9030' Burns X64 Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   p5  

Leo Croonenberghs, Burns?   p1  

Looking N on 10-12-45; looks like Burns: p1  

A snow slide, early 1950s (before abandonment): p1  

Siding, 31-car (later 18-car spur?, later removed)
Burns did not appear in timetables after 2-4-1943.
Sun v2, p85
Rgs v4, p461
63.? Bridge 64-A (sometimes 64-B), 64' long, 8' high (Dolores River)
org a Pony Truss, wooden pile after 2-1-1916, by concrete piers c1920

Photos:   p1   p2   p3   p4   truss destroyed?  

Another photo:   Don Bergman writes that this photo "looks like Burns to me. Looks like the outcropping just north of Burns Canyon after it has crossed 64-A. That's where RGS Story Vol 4 pg 470 places it as well." Tom Casper notes that " Vol 10 of the RGS Story pg 348 shows the back side of the same notch in the mt. side. I think 419 is before the cty road was cut in. The north exit of Burns Canyon."
Rgs v4, p460, 470
63.? Burns Canyon, a narrow rocky area just south of bridge 64-A, which both track and the Dolores River twisted through on an S curve

Washout repairs (or really abandonment by the Brinkerhoffs in 1952?). Location unknown, but seems to be Burns Canyon: p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6  
Rgs v4, p479
64.? Bridge 65-A, --' long, -' high Rgs v4, p488
64.66 8905' Winkfield X65 Spur (n), 4-car (1892) (6-car 189-, 8-car 1902)
(ore concentrates; aerial tramway to wooden ore-storage structure)
Sun v2, p85
Rgs v4, p488
W. George Cook
65.? Bridge 66-A, 526' long, 19' high
Winkfield bridge
(filled-in in 1915)
Rgs v5, p67
65.? Bridge 66-B, 326' long, 14' high
(filled-in in 1915)
Rgs v5, p67
65.4 8800' Branch (n)
Beginning of 5% Enterprise branch

We drove this branch in Jun '07; here's some photos
Rgs v5, p165
Ent br
Spur (n) (Grand View Mining & Smelting Co) Rgs v5, p178
Ent br
Switch backs 1, 2 Rgs v5, p178
Ent br
Newman Mill (no spur) Rgs v5, p178
Ent br
Switch backs 3, 4 Rgs v5, p178
Ent br
9225' Black Hawk Spur (n) to mine, moving along this spur:
Ore bins (Union Carbonate)
Tramway terminal (Yellow Jacket Tramway)
Siding, ?-car
Tramway terminal (Black Hawk tramway, 1600' long, 400' above)
End of track, MP 67.2
Rgs v5,p165
65.? Bridge 66-AS, 112' long, 22' high (Silver Creek)
(near Black Hawk ore bins)
Rgs v5, p166
65.? Bridge 66-BS, 48' long, 15' high (rocky area, later filled in?) Rgs v5, p166
Ent br
Siding, 16-car Rgs v5, p166
Ent br
9235' Enterprise Mine Possible photo: p1  

2 spurs (n)
Rgs v5, p166
65.? Spur (n), ?-car (Grand View Mining & Smelting) Rgs v5, p178
65.? Bridge 66-C, 32' long, 5' high (Silver Creek) Rgs v5, p68

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